Cartridge Cannot Be Used Until Enrolled In HP Instant Ink [Solved]

Cartridge Cannot Be Used Until Enrolled In HP Instant Ink

A common issue for HP printers is the cartridge cannot be used until enrolled in HP Instant Ink error and we’re here to fix this problem once and for all.

With HP’s Instant Ink service, you can purchase ink for your printer without the hassle of running to a store or ordering online. The service automatically sends replacement cartridges out when necessary and tracks how much ink is being used with each print job. Plans are available for all types of users from those printing only a handful of pages per month to those who need hundreds of documents printed in one sitting.

You can check out our HP Instant Ink review where we put into detail if this ink by mail subscription service is worth it or not.

But what if you are already enrolled in the service and you suddenly see the error, Cartridge Cannot Be Used Until Enrolled In HP Instant Ink, on your printer display screen or your computer screen? What if you don’t really want to use HP Instant Ink, how can you bypass this Instant Ink error message?

It is unfortunate when you get the Cartridge cannot be used until the printer is enrolled in HP instant ink error message. It’s a little tricky to figure out what these steps are on your own, but luckily for you, our team has found solutions that will help fix this and allow you to print again using your HP printer.

How Do I Bypass HP Instant Ink?

There are two ways to bypass HP Instant Ink on your printer. There is a solution for those looking to use HP Instant Ink for the foreseeable future and there’s one for those who don’t want to use this ink replacement service ever again.

First, we’ll talk about fixing the cartridge cannot be used until enrolled in HP Instant Ink error when you still want to be part of the HP Instant Ink service.

Time To Fix This Printer Error: 10 minutes

  1. Log In To Your HP Instant Ink Account

    hp instant ink program sign in

    The moment you enroll yourself on the HP Instant Ink, they will generate an account for you that links your printer to the subscription. And this account can be accessed through their official website.

    Once you are on their website, you need to log in using the credentials you’ve created when you signed up for the first time. Don’t worry, if you have forgotten your username or password, you can choose the “Forgot username or password” option and you will be able to reset your password using the link that HP will send to your registered email address.

  2. Go To Manage Subscription

    hp instant ink dashboard

    Once you are logged in to your Instant Ink dashboard, look for the option “Manage Subscription” and click on it. It should start checking if your printer is connected to HP Instant Ink’s servers. You can start printing once you’ve confirmed that the printer is connected to HP Instant Ink.

    If not, proceed on doing the next step.

  3. Fix Printer Connection To HP Instant Ink

    hp officejet WPS PIN setup

    In this step, you need to make sure that your HP printer is connected to your wireless network. You can use our printer offline guide to fix this issue by simply connecting your HP printer using WPS or by manually entering your Wi-Fi password on your printer’s display screen.

  4. Print A Document

    Test if your HP Instant Ink enrolled printer can print a document. You can use a document you’ve been trying to print before you encounter the cartridge cannot be used until enrolled in HP Instant Ink issue or any random document on your computer.

Now, for those who don’t have Instant Ink or already canceled their subscription plans, here’s our guide on how to fix the cartridge cannot be used until enrolled in HP Instant Ink error message.

  1. Access your HP Connected account on their Instant Ink’s website.
  2. Go to Manage Subscriptions and cancel your existing Instant Ink plan.
  3. Confirm that you are canceling your HP Instant Ink by clicking on the “Confirm” button.
  4. Remove the HP Instant Ink cartridges inside your printer. You won’t be able to use those anymore after cancellation. We give more details on this in the next section of this guide.
  5. Install a new set of regular HP ink cartridges that you have been using before you subscribed to HP Instant Ink.
  6. Try printing a document from your computer or mobile device and see if it works again.

How Do I Get My HP Instant Ink Cartridge To Work After I Cancel It?

Keep in mind that you won’t be able to use the HP instant ink cartridges once your subscription ends. After cancellation, it’s best to have replacement printer ink available so that you can continue using your device without any trouble.

You might think that HP is taking advantage of you for not allowing you to use the HP Instant Ink cartridges, but this is also similar to other subscription plans you’ve been part of before. A good example is when you subscribe to Netflix, you can watch all the movies and TV shows you want as long as you are a subscriber, but as soon as you cancel your plan and your subscription runs out, you won’t be able to access those anymore.

Our advice is to cancel a day or two before your Instant Ink subscription renews so you can take full advantage of your Instant Ink cartridges since you won’t be able to use them after your cancellation has been confirmed.

Frequently Asked Questions About HP Instant Ink Error Message

Why do I have to enroll with HP Instant Ink?

If you have received HP Instant Ink cartridges, then you may already have enrolled in this program. If you are having troubles accessing your account and their system could not retrieve your login credentials, you may have to sign up again so you can use your HP Instant Ink cartridges.

Are all HP printers eligible for instant ink?

No, there are only certain printers that are eligible for HP Instant Ink. You can verify with the welcome kit that came with your printer because HP will send out HP Instant Ink promo codes to those who buy new printers from them. You can also check this on HP Instant Ink’s official site and view the list of printers that can use this ink by mail subscription plan.

What happens if you cancel HP Instant Ink?

You will not be able to use your HP Instant Ink cartridges once you cancel your Instant Ink subscription. This means you have to get a new set of regular HP ink cartridges to start printing again.

Can I use my HP printer without Instant Ink?

Yes, you can still use an HP printer without Instant Ink. Just make sure that you have already canceled your HP Instant Ink subscription and that you are using non-Instant Ink cartridges. You can use your old ink cartridges as long as they haven’t dried out yet or you can just get a new set of HP ink cartridges to save time.

13 thoughts on “Cartridge Cannot Be Used Until Enrolled In HP Instant Ink [Solved]”

  1. Here’s a new one for you. After the original 63 cartridges that came with my HP OfficeJet 4655 dried out, I bought a new set of 63XL cartridges from Costco. They worked fine for a while. Then, out of the blue, I started getting error messages that sent me into some kind of a loop that at the time someone attributed to a bad firmware update. I can’t remember what the messages were because today, I ran into a different problem. I got the message “Cartridge cannot be used until printer is enrolled in HP Instant Ink.” I never enrolled in that program! At one point, I also got “The indicated cartridges are not intended for use in this printer.” After reading your column and some other web pages and after trial and error, I found out that the new Black cartridges works by itself as well as with the old, dried-out Color one. So the culprit is the new Color cartridge. I now essentially have a B&W printer and an expensive Color cartridge that I can’t use. Any suggestions? Thanks.

    1. Hey Fareed,

      Can you please double-check that there is no Instant Ink label on the new cartridges you’ve bought from Costco? Now, if those are original HP ink cartridges, the next best thing you can do is do a semi-full reset of your HP printer. You can refer to your printer manual to find out how to do that as the semi-full reset method for each printer model is different. Also, you can try contacting HP support by calling their Instant Ink department (1-855-785-2777), they should be able to direct you faster to their printer tech than dialing the HP tech support number.

      Hope those Instant Ink tips help.

  2. I was given a HP ENVY 5540 printer and I have it setup but it tells me cartridgecannit be used until printer is enrolled in HP Instant Ink. When I tried todo that it said my printer was not eligible for that. So what do I need to do to get thi printer to print

  3. I purchased an HP printer from someone whose husband has passed and they no longer needed the printer. This printer was enrolled in HP instant ink and still has those cartridges in it. If I wish to enroll in instant ink to use the printer, how do I get the information changed as I do not have the original owner’s information.

  4. What a scam, I dont print much and HP keeps sending me the new Cartridages. I have 2 boxes of the carts still unused and now I find I will not be able to use them now that I have canceled my Subscription. Wish I had read the fine print closer. I’ll use the ones I have till they wont let me, in the mean time I’ll get down to the store and buy one that will work. I like HP printers but this is a waste unless you do a lot of printing.

  5. I’ve had the same problem with HP. They keep track of how many pages you print an charge a penalty if you go over. I had no idea they disabled the cartridges if you cancel…a real ripoff! I was pleased to hear that there’s a class action suit being filed against HP in Northern California. Now i have to buy new cartridges – im definitely not a happy camper!

  6. Can anyone tell me if the class action suit against HP has happened and how I can get involved in suing them for canceling my printer after paying them for a year of ink I clearly didn’t need?

  7. Suddenly my 10-15 year old HP Printer requires to be registered for eprint. Obviously they have updated the operating system it to make it impossible to work unless I register. My question: can they legally do this. This was clearly not in their or my contemplation when it was sold to me so long ago. This is nothing short of blackmail ie. “we won’t fix it unless you register and pay a subscription.” Note this means that I cannot use an existing HP cartridge!

  8. I have an OJPro 9015 that worked fine for a couple of years now, but I started getting a blank display on the LCD panel. I had to pull the cord. Then I started getting a communications error, but the printer would still work. I unenrolled from the ink program and it printed still, but started acting up with the comm error more. I uninstalled the software, and now I can’t use it at all because it somehow told the printer that this is a NEW SETUP and won’t go past the “Align the printhead” screen because I’m not enrolled in the ink program anymore!
    Highway robbery!

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