How to Use HP Instant Ink without Subscription

HP Instant Ink is a convenient printing service offered by HP for their printers. With a subscription, you can automatically receive ink cartridges delivered to your door when your printer runs low on ink.

However, if you prefer not to commit to a subscription plan, you still have some options.

Using HP Instant Ink without a Subscription

If you don’t want to use HP Instant Ink, you can choose to opt out of the service. First, you need to cancel your subscription or contact HP support for assistance.

Canceling your HP Instant Ink

  • To cancel HP Instant Ink, follow these easy steps:
  • Log in to your HP Instant Ink account.
  • Go to Overview and then Printer Details in the Status section.
  • Click on HP Instant Ink, and then select Update Plan from the left menu.
  • Scroll down to find Plan Details.
  • Click on Cancel my HP Instant Ink Subscription and follow the instructions.

You’ll get an email confirmation right away

Please Note: It is not possible to use HP Instant Ink without a subscription. HP Instant Ink is a service that requires a monthly fee.

With a subscription, users can print a certain number of pages each month and have ink cartridges automatically sent to them when their ink levels are low. Without a subscription, the service is not accessible.

Use regular HP inks

After canceling the service, you will need to use regular HP Cartridges in order to resume printing.

Find Regular HP Cartridges

Look for standard HP cartridges that are designed to work with your printer model. These cartridges can be easily found at various retail stores or online shops that sell printer supplies.

Remove the Instant Ink Cartridge

If you already have an Instant Ink cartridge installed in your printer, remove them carefully. Make sure to follow the printer’s instructions for cartridge removal to avoid any damage to the printer.

Replace the Regular HP Cartridges that you have bought

Once you have the regular HP cartridges, insert them into your printer following the manufacturer’s guidelines. Ensure that the cartridges are correctly placed and securely fitted.

You Will Be Monitoring Your Ink Levels Manually

Just keep in mind that without a subscription, you’ll need to monitor your ink levels manually and order new cartridges when necessary.

So, if you prefer a more hands-on approach to managing your printing needs and don’t mind purchasing ink as you go, using HP Instant Ink without a subscription could be the right choice for you.

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