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We’ve been in the printer business for over 10 years and have seen it all. Whether you need a new ink cartridge or want to troubleshoot your printer, we can get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Whether it’s an ink cartridge failure, your printer is offline or a printer scanning issue, we can help fix your printer problem.

Our goal is to make sure that your printer lasts as long as possible, so we’ve shared some printer maintenance tips here.

We review all of the best printers on the market so that you can make an informed decision before purchasing a new one.

Our Solutions To Common Printer Problems

Wireless printers have taken over the printing industry and printer offline error is one of the most common printer issues many have encountered before. The good news is we’re here to fix this issue for you once and for all.

Black and white documents are a staple for both home and office printers. You can run out of color ink cartridges but never the black one. But what can you do if the black ink cartridge suddenly stops working?

Paper jams are too unpredictable even for newer printer models. We’ve worked with printers with papers in hard to reach places and a few with no paper jam at all but are still displaying the same error message.

Guide To Proper Printer Maintenance

Dust can easily settle on your printer, and that could lead to trouble. It might even accumulate inside of the machine where it will interfere with your printing. This is why we recommend using printer covers.

You can easily keep your printer in tip-top shape by doing regular maintenance, like a scheduled printhead cleaning or using printer cleaning sheets to get all the debris and dust out of your machine.

Print Head Deep Cleaning

The printhead of your printer is its most important and expensive part. Learn how you can properly maintain the printhead so you can use your printer longer and more efficiently.

About Printer Not Printing

Printer issues can be frustrating whether you’re trying to fix a printer scanning issue, ink cartridge problem, or reconnecting your printer to your Wi-Fi— it’s hard to find reliable information online that can fix your current printer problem.

Our team at Printer Not Printing understand that fixing printers can be complicated so we provide easy-to-follow guides and honest reviews of different brands so users will know which ones work well in homes as well as businesses. Our goal is not only help you save money on your printing costs but also help you get back up and running with your printer!

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