How to Fix Common Zebra Printer Errors Messages

The common Zebra printer issues that most users experience include the printer not being accessible, condition paper out, in error state, no connection, and ribbon out. All these problems can stop the printing process and cause costly delays for you. In this guide about how to fix common Zebra printer errors, I’ll show you some simple ways to solve the top Zebra printer problems so that you can get back to printing quickly.

1)     Zebra printer not accessible

Are you getting the Zebra printer error not accessible problem? That can be tough to handle and it is sometimes caused by a print job stuck in the queue or a settings issue. Fortunately, I have a very simple solution for this Zebra printer error.

To fix it, follow these steps:

  • Go to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers
  • Right-click on the icon of your Zebra printer model
  • Select “Printer properties”.
  • In the Driver Settings (1 in the image) tab, click on the Settings option with a gear icon (2)
  • Disable status checking by selecting “Disable” (3)
  • Click “Apply” (4) and then “OK” (5) in that order

If you’ve followed through all these steps, there’s just one more thing that you need to do. Restart the printer and your PC as well. After they turn on, the error should now have gone away.

2)     Zebra printer condition paper out

Error Condition paper out. It’s a pretty common Zebra printer problem, which can be down to a few trivial issues, the first of which is that you may have run out of label stock. You’ll need to load your printer if that’s the case. Alternatively, it could be that you haven’t loaded the label stock correctly. To do that, you want to ensure the label stock is perfectly aligned with the stock sensor. Otherwise, you’ll get the Zebra error condition paper out.

The problem could also be down to a media settings issue, more so when you’re using continuous stock but have set your printer to gap stock. You’ll need to visit your printer’s IP address on your browser to get to the Zebra printer settings menu and you’ll see a page as shown in the image.

  • Click “View and Modify Printer Settings”
  • You’ll be prompted to provide a password (The default for most Zebra printers is 1234)
  • Afterward, go to “Media Setup”
  • Toggle the “MEDIA TYPE” to non-continuous/die cut or continuous, depending on the type of stock you’ve loaded

Moreover, you also want to set “LABEL LENGTH” to the highest values as not doing so can also contribute to the problem.

Last but not least, you also want to check if the problem has something to do with your print media sensor. In the IP home printer address page, scroll down to the bottom and click “Printer Media Sensor Profile.” (Check image labelled 2 above) If you get a low value, the printer sensor is fine. If the value is continuously high, that may indicate sensor malfunction. (see the image below for differences between ideal and unideal printer media sensor profile.)

3)     Zebra printer no connection

If you’re getting the Zebra printer no connection error, it may mean that there’s a problem with your cable connections. You want to check that the power supply is properly and firmly plugged into both the back of the printer and the wall socket as well. Additionally, confirm that there are no loose connections in the power adapter as well. Check the image for all these important cables.

The other cable connection that you need to check is the USB, ensure it is firmly connected to both your printer and PC. It could also be that either one of the USB or power cables has gone bad. Try using different cables for each one to see if that fixes the Zebra printer no connection error. Finally, you should also update the firmware as well.

4)     Zebra printer in error state

How do I fix my Zebra printer in error state? Disconnect the USB that connects your printer and PC. Restart your PC and power cycle your printer (Remove it from the power supply and let it rest for 2 minutes)

It’s time to pull out some more comprehensive solutions if that doesn’t fix your problem. The next thing I want you to do is to update the drivers on your Zebra printer. Follow these steps:

  • Press the Windows button + X
  • From the menu, select Device Manager
  • Expand Print queues as you can see in the image
  • Right-click on the Zebra printer then choose “Update driver”

If you already have the latest firmware, try uninstalling the device. Follow the above steps but instead of choosing “Update driver” go with “Uninstall device.” Unplug the printer USB from your computer then plug it back in once more. Your operating system should reinstall the printer automatically and possibly fix the Zebra printer in error state.

The issue could also have something to do with your internet connection so you want to confirm that your Zebra printer is connected to a network with an active internet connection.

5)     Zebra printer ribbon out

The Zebra printer ribbon out error means that the ribbon you’re loading is not being detected, or that you’ve simply run out of ribbon. So the first thing you need to do is check that you’ve properly loaded the ribbon onto the ribbon supply spindle. A mistake many people make that leads to improper ribbon loading is not pushing it all the way into the ribbon supply spindle. Ensure that’s not the case.

Here are a few more tips on proper ribbon loading:

  • Load the ribbon onto the spindle and push it all the way in
  • Stretch the ribbon over the media guide plate
  • Then stretch it around the print head lever
  • Roll it around the ribbon take-up spindle and finally out of the printer (Check the image above for this proper path)

Ensure that the ribbon is tight all through the correct ribbon path. If you do not doubt that your ribbon is loaded correctly, then you may be staring at a ribbon sensor failure, the remedy to which is usually sensor replacement.

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