How to fix Zebra printer error code 5007

When your printer raises this error code, it can only mean one thing: your ribbon is invisible to the printer. In other words, your Zebra printer is unable to detect the ribbon. Now, this may have to do something with the integrity of the ribbon, or it could be a malfunction with the printer itself. … Read more

How to Fix a Printer Not Printing

If you wake up one morning and find out that your printer is not printing anything, here are the common problems you may have and solutions to possibly fix your printer, continue reading below.. [ez-toc] How to Fix a Printer Not Printing Why is my printer working but not printing? It can be quite frustrating, … Read more

Why is my printer not copying [Fix]

printer not copying fix

What if you are not able to copy but can print? Did you know printer not copying usually happens to those with much older printer models? Multi-function printers should easily copy any type of document as long as its paper size is supported, but what if it suddenly stops doing this specific function? Printers are … Read more