Why Is My HP Instant Ink Not Working? – How To Bypass HP Instant Ink

how to disable HP instant ink to print again

HP Instant Ink not working is not that uncommon and it’s something that we can fix whether you want to continue with your plan or cancel it entirely.

If you’re an HP Instant Ink subscriber, you may have noticed your printer not printing. There are many reasons why this could be happening and we want to make sure that you know how to fix it. We’ll go through the most common issues with HP Instant Ink printers and their solutions so you can bypass HP Instant Ink and get your printer running again.

Why Is My HP Instant Ink Not Working?

The main reason why you might be unable to print with HP Instant Ink cartridges is that the subscription has been canceled. After your final billing cycle ends, HP Instant Ink cartridges no longer work and should be mailed back in a recycling envelope.

Another reason why HP Instant Ink cartridges won’t work is that you are not connected to your wireless network or the Internet. HP needs to monitor your printer activity so they know how many pages you have consumed during your billing period.

One way to check this is to look into the wireless light of your printer. If it’s blinking or turned off, then it means your printer is offline and not connected to your Wi-Fi router. If the light is steady, then there’s nothing to worry about because your HP wireless printer is connected to the Internet.

Lastly, if your printer is connected and HP Instant Ink is still not working, then you should check if you are using Instant Ink cartridges and not just regular HP ink cartridges.

Why Is My HP Printer Not Printing When Instant Ink Cartridges Are Full?

Have you experienced an HP printer that is not printing, even though it has Instant Ink cartridges that are full of inks to do the job? This could be because of a clogged nozzle. The best way to clean a printer head is by using the printer’s self-cleaning mechanism. This mechanism can be useful for lightly blocked printers, but as your inkjet printer gets older it may not work well anymore.

Here’s how to clean and unclog your HP printer nozzles if it’s more than a light clog you’re dealing with.

  1. Remove the ink cartridges from your HP printer
  2. Grab a piece of clean towel and damp it with a little bit of warm water
  3. Wipe the copper-colored sensors on your ink cartridges carefully
  4. Put them back on your printer
  5. Initiate printhead cleaning
  6. Test print a document

If the printer is still not printing after doing the steps above, try to do printhead cleaning a couple of more times and test print a document to verify if the printer nozzles are unclogged.

How To Bypass HP Instant Ink?

HP ink cartridges are designed to be used only with HP printers, and the Instant Ink service is required in order for you to use them. If your subscription has expired or been canceled then all of your ink will stop working at the end of the current billing cycle.

So how do you override HP Instant Ink for you to start printing from your HP printer again?

Time It Takes To Disable HP Instant Ink: 15 minutes

  1. Log in to your HP Instant Ink account

    hp instant ink program

    Go to HP Instant Ink’s official website and log in to your account.

  2. Cancel your account

    Find “Manage Subscriptions” and proceed with canceling your Instant Ink account.

  3. Remove all HP Instant Ink cartridges inside your printer

    Take out all Instant Ink cartridges since you won’t be able to use those anymore after canceling your plan.

  4. Replace them with new HP ink cartridges

    Use regular HP instant ink cartridges from now on. If the Instant Ink error message still appears, proceed on doing the next step.

  5. Hard reset your HP printer

    Reset your HP printer by unplugging the power cord without using the power button on your machine. Wait for at least two minutes and insert it back into your printer. Press on the power button to turn it on and try printing a document to test it.

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