Why Is My HP Instant Ink Not Working? – How To Bypass HP Instant Ink

how to disable HP instant ink to print again

HP Instant Ink not working is not that uncommon and it’s something that we can fix whether you want to continue with your plan or cancel it entirely.

If you’re an HP Instant Ink subscriber, you may have noticed your printer not printing. There are many reasons why this could be happening and we want to make sure that you know how to fix it. We’ll go through the most common issues with HP Instant Ink printers and their solutions so you can bypass HP Instant Ink and get your printer running again.

Why Is My HP Instant Ink Not Working?

The main reason why you might be unable to print with HP Instant Ink cartridges is that the subscription has been canceled. After your final billing cycle ends, HP Instant Ink cartridges no longer work and should be mailed back in a recycling envelope.

Another reason why HP Instant Ink cartridges won’t work is that you are not connected to your wireless network or the Internet. HP needs to monitor your printer activity so they know how many pages you have consumed during your billing period.

One way to check this is to look into the wireless light of your printer. If it’s blinking or turned off, then it means your printer is offline and not connected to your Wi-Fi router. If the light is steady, then there’s nothing to worry about because your HP wireless printer is connected to the Internet.

Lastly, if your printer is connected and HP Instant Ink is still not working, then you should check if you are using Instant Ink cartridges and not just regular HP ink cartridges.

Why Is My HP Printer Not Printing When Instant Ink Cartridges Are Full?

Have you experienced an HP printer that is not printing, even though it has Instant Ink cartridges that are full of inks to do the job? This could be because of a clogged nozzle. The best way to clean a printer head is by using the printer’s self-cleaning mechanism. This mechanism can be useful for lightly blocked printers, but as your inkjet printer gets older it may not work well anymore.

Here’s how to clean and unclog your HP printer nozzles if it’s more than a light clog you’re dealing with.

  1. Remove the ink cartridges from your HP printer
  2. Grab a piece of clean towel and damp it with a little bit of warm water
  3. Wipe the copper-colored sensors on your ink cartridges carefully
  4. Put them back on your printer
  5. Initiate printhead cleaning
  6. Test print a document

If the printer is still not printing after doing the steps above, try to do printhead cleaning a couple of more times and test print a document to verify if the printer nozzles are unclogged.

How To Bypass HP Instant Ink?

HP ink cartridges are designed to be used only with HP printers, and the Instant Ink service is required in order for you to use them. If your subscription has expired or been canceled then all of your ink will stop working at the end of the current billing cycle.

So how do you override HP Instant Ink for you to start printing from your HP printer again?

Time It Takes To Disable HP Instant Ink: 15 minutes

  1. Log in to your HP Instant Ink account

    hp instant ink program

    Go to HP Instant Ink’s official website and log in to your account.

  2. Cancel your account

    Find “Manage Subscriptions” and proceed with canceling your Instant Ink account.

  3. Remove all HP Instant Ink cartridges inside your printer

    Take out all Instant Ink cartridges since you won’t be able to use those anymore after canceling your plan.

  4. Replace them with new HP ink cartridges

    Use regular HP instant ink cartridges from now on. If the Instant Ink error message still appears, proceed on doing the next step.

  5. Hard reset your HP printer

    Reset your HP printer by unplugging the power cord without using the power button on your machine. Wait for at least two minutes and insert it back into your printer. Press on the power button to turn it on and try printing a document to test it.

43 thoughts on “Why Is My HP Instant Ink Not Working? – How To Bypass HP Instant Ink”

  1. The idea that I CAN’T use Instant Ink cartridges I’VE ALREADY PAID FOR after I switch to Instant Ink for a new printer is real crapola!! I’ve paid for them; I should be able to use them until they are EMPTY on my old printer. What a lousy corporate maneuver from HP….!!!

    1. Totally agree. I’m hopping mad. I paid for MONTHS, not being able to use the printer cos my wifi kept dropping out and the printer wouldn’t reconnect to it. Got a lead eventually and used that til it stopped printing last week, put new cartridges in (which I paid for and way more) and I’m getting the old ‘reconnect to wifi and instant ink’. Underhanded bullying and daylight robbery if you ask me, as you say, we’ve PAID for the damn things!
      Thanks to Josh Mitchell for spelling out the problem – hp ‘customer service’ are equally crap.

        1. I have had HP printers for years. But after this instant ink fiasco, no more. Am I mistaken in thinking that when I purchased my printer it became mine?
          HP obviously disagree as we are dictated to all down the line. I have a 6420e and whilst it is a good printer it is spoilt my HP dictating to the owner.
          What ink we can and can’t use. Well I’m going over to Epson unless someone has a solution where by I can use whatever ink I like.

  2. I have a prescription for your all‘s ink and my printer does not work why it’s saying it I need to buy ink a prescription from you all

  3. I had new routers put in in August (Asus), and since then my printer cannot connect to my computer. I have tried everything I know how to do. Should I cancel my instant ink account to get the printer to work?

  4. All I think you need is my updated new Visa card info. I already gave that info but I dont need any tech help so don’t expect to be charged. Right?
    can you handle this for me?

  5. my printer was working- stopped suddenly and “cartridge cannot be used until printer is enrolled in HP Instant ink,
    which i cancelled a few months ago. how do I by pass this problem

    1. Please replace the Instant Ink cartridges with regular HP ink cartridges. You can’t use those anymore if it’s still inside your printer as you already cancelled your HP Instant Ink subscription.

    1. If the printer won’t copy, it’s best to contact HP support so they can assist you. They have the ability to replace your printer if it’s still under warranty or send you replacement cartridges. You can call HP Support at 1-800-474-6836.

  6. my husband had this account, he is passed, please help I put in the last 2 cartridges I am assuming we paid for is there any way to make it work?

    1. I hve had the same problem ,My wife passed away in October last , and i have seveal cartriges and even sent a new a few days ago.Tried to use her printer, but NO! tried to cancel hers and switch to my account .I have been at this fo5 days and 5 chats with your agents have not rceived any help.is this any way to run a co. i am so upset at HP. not a bit of information .I like HP , but something has got to give,,do i get rid of their products ?? [email protected]

  7. Hello Ok, right out of the blue my printer stopped working and I was told to go to the hp instant ink web site and I did and it didn’t really help because it didn’t tell me what to do . So what do I do? I still want the service, it worked well for me and this is the first time I’ve had any trouble, so please let me know how to get it working again

    1. Were you able to access your HP instant ink account? Kindly check if your billing details are up-to-date and that you don’t have any overdue balance with them first. Also, once you log in to your HP Connected account. You should be able to view if your HP printer is online and connected to the HP Instant Ink servers.

  8. Printer is connected to wireless internet, iMac is connected to internet, HP ENVY Photo 7800 series, printer information status is ready, connection type is network, when I to put in prepaid cards and select get supplies it reports that No internet connection. It even shows my supply levels and has a check next to the printer.

  9. I am confused you stated “Reset your HP printer by unplugging the power cord without using the power button on your machine”. Does that mean my printer should stay on while I unplug it to do the reset. I had to cancel because I changed internet provider and somehow Instant Ink could not access my printer. They asked for the password from my new provider, but since HP no longer has human customer service, there is no one to give it too. They have the worse possible “chat bot”, programmed by some idiot and among the option is nothing even remotely related. Please HELP. HP used to be a great company.

  10. Had Instant Ink subscription for over a year and never had to swap cartridges. Cancelled account and a day later the printer says I can not continue printing until I replace the existing cartridges with new ones.

    What did I pay the last year of subscription for?? Are you kidding me??

    Will NOT be buying an HP printer again…

  11. Wow! This actually fixed by HP instant ink issue. Did not expect that honestly. I was about to unsubscribe from this

  12. Hi, my bank details expired with the hp instant ink subscription in February and I never got round to updating it as I haven’t used the printer. I have just updated my details and it’s taken the payment, the printer is now working again but it isn’t printing properly, everything is very faded and black is an extremely light grey. On some pages the print-work is all so faded you can’t even make it out, for any colour and black. The ink cartridges are full, they were brand new in January and didn’t get used. I have aligned the printer twice, and used all of the other print quality tools, I don’t know what to do now. Is there any chance you may have an idea? Thanks!

    1. Hi Emma! You should be able to request new ink cartridges from HP Instant Ink support. Make sure to call them and tell them what you’ve already done to fix your HP printer issue. The main issue here is the ink cartridges dried out because you haven’t used them for some time. It’s recommended to at least use the printer once or twice a month to make sure everything is working correctly.

  13. I have had an instant ink subscription since 2016 between two different printers. Recently, I had a printer offline issue with my officejet 9015 which turned into a nonworking printer. I tried all of the hp apps and suggestions to get it back online with no luck. In desperation and stupidity, I went through the HP smart app and did a suggested factory reset …with instant ink cartridges. Now it is stuck in a message that says I can’t print without an instant ink subscription. I have an active subscription. If I press continue it is stuck on the print alignment button. The wifi shows it is connected. I spent 2 1/2 hours with various people in tech support who were trying to get me to do some type of manual connection getting into a support part of the printer. I was only able to successfully access this once while being guided through pushing the invisible back button. I am ready to give up. They want me to call back again. I am not sure I can go through more futility. I would rather shove toothpicks under my nails at this point. The HP app created this issue..now I have a usable printer. I would love any suggestions before I recycle this printer and say goodby to Instant ink.

    1. Hey Julie, sorry to hear about your ongoing HP printer problem. Have you tried doing a semi-full reset with the assistance of the HP Support tech? Another suggestion is to use the ink cartridges that came with your printer, and cancel the Instant Ink subscription for your HP Officejet 9015. If you don’t have those, you can buy new genuine HP ink cartridges (the regular ones), and make sure they don’t have Instant Ink labels on them.

      1. Just as JULIE HERR said, Lets say the subsriction ran out with 50% ink left in my Instant ink cartridges and just need to reup my Instant ink billing, well I think the printer has to be fully setup after resetting it because I can’t get passed the print alignment part and also get the you cannot print untill you setup Instant ink billing message on my printer, but I can’t do that either tried setting up new over usb and added the billing info and it just errored without reason.
        New account, ready to add printer to new account, followed the full wipe reset of my 9010 pro series printer, I can’t print without an instant ink subscription If I press continue it is stuck on the print alignment button

        Do I need to by new Instant ink cartridges for this to work again?
        Sould I but none Instant ink cartridges to allow Instant ink cartridges to work, What is the dang deal

        Please someone help, I also can’t do anything with the HP smart tool except see details of my printer that is online, I see incompatible HP Instant ink cartridges mesage, Can’t seem to add the printer to my account, I can’t do much under the advanced section as printer states it’s busy.

        1. No need to buy new HP Instant Ink cartridges, you can just call their support team. When they diagnosed that it’s a fault with your inks, they can send you free replacements that should arrive within a few days.

          For the incompatible HP Instant Ink cartridge message, can you verify if there is an Instant Ink label on the cartridges you are using?

  14. I am fed up of getting the following message when I print.

    Tri Color – The cartridges above are not intended for use in this printer as it is currently configured. They were supplied to by HP instant ink.

    For problems with cartridge obtained from HP instant ink, please contact instant ink support. I did
    I was told to take the plugs out and leave them for 2 minutes I did – that did not solve the problem. I went on the internet site and all I could talk to was a virtual assistant.

    To do any printing I get the message after the printer has printed the page. To print another document I have to knock off the printer and then turn it back on.

  15. Hi Josh
    I stopped my subscription with HP instant ink a year ago. I have not been able to print all that time.
    every time I go to print the printer keeps telling me cannot print VISIT.
    Please can you help.

  16. After cancelling instant ink, and installing new HP cartridges, I had a message on the printer that I had to enroll in instant ink to use the cartridges.
    HP Community was absolutely no help to me to resolve this problem.
    By unplugging my printer, as suggested, my problem was solved. Thanks much.
    This is my last HP printer purchase. No more hostage holding. DONE!

  17. What a terribly screwed up the “instant ink” service is!!! Having a new printer, new cartridges full of ink, paid for everything, and UNABLE TO PRINT.

    I have lost 2 hours of my time only to find out that my only option is to (a) pay twice or (b) buy another printer. That one SURELY WILL NOT BE HP.

    Shame on you HP.

  18. What a an absolutely terrible system. All kinds of hype to get you to agree to the “free instant ink” but no disclosure about the ability to shut off your printer even if you still have ink left and time. On top of that, the switch to regular ink supply is made so complicated to try to make you subscribe. No one click and done. This is the last HP product I will buy of any kind!!!! there are lots of fish in the sea. Further more, I will certainly inform my local Chamber of Commerce to warn every one of the HP experience. GOOD BYE.


  19. Yet another pissed of customer. Had the printer in storage while we moved and of course did not pay for insta take my money for a year. Had a few ink packages , new , never opened. And of course can not use them because of a software key blocked us out.
    HPinstantink is a crock!!
    Next move.

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