Where Is The WPS PIN On My HP Printer And How To Use It?

how to find wps pin on hp printer

Where is the WPS PIN on my HP printer?“, is one of the most common questions new HP printer owners ask about when setting up their wireless printer. Having a wireless printer has its pros and cons, unfortunately, setting up the printer with your Wi-Fi is a drawback for some printer owners.

If you have a WPS PIN on your printer, then it is important to know how to use it.

What Is A WPS PIN?

Once launched in 2006, the WPS technology has gone on to help people securely connect their devices. Initially, it was used for Wi-Fi routers which blocked other users from connecting and using your home connection; later HP printers started utilizing this innovative scheme too to help their customers set up their wireless printers.

WPS stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup and allows people with compatible printers to connect wirelessly without the need of entering a password. WPS can be very convenient when setting up new devices or troubleshooting wireless connections. Instead of entering a long and complicated Wi-Fi password to connect, you just need to enter a few numbers.

The WPS PIN on your printer’s front panel is an eight-digit code that you will need to enter into the Wi-Fi network settings of your router.

The WPS PIN can also be found on an instruction sheet with information about setting up the wireless connection for your HP printer. However, this may only apply to older HP printer models.

Where Is The WPS PIN On My HP Printer?

Many of us have WPS PINs on our printers, even printers that are not from HP can have a WPS PIN or button on them. We’ve mentioned the WPS button because it’s different for each type of printer. For this reason, we have a couple of different answers to the question, “Where to find the WPS PIN on my printer?“.

Printers with a large display screen that has various settings and commands on it will be able to show the HP WPS PIN on its screen. Meanwhile, printers like the HP Deskjet 2600 series or the Deskjet 3700 series, that do not have a complex display screen will usually have the printer WPS button that you can use to connect your device to your wireless network.

The WPS button located on your printer is usually indicated by one of the following icons.

printer wireless icon

While the location of the WPS PIN on HP printers with a touchscreen display is on the wireless settings of your screen. This can also be accessed by clicking one of the icons above when you see it on your printer screen.

How To Use WPS Button To Connect HP Printer To Wi-Fi?

where is the wps pin on my hp printer

For HP printer owners who don’t have a control panel display screen like those found on most HP Officejet printers, this is the guide you need to follow to connect your printer to your wireless network using the WPS button.

  1. Turn on your HP printer. Make sure there are no error lights or codes on your small printer screen.
  2. Locate your HP printer wireless button.
  3. Press the wireless button of your HP printer. No need to hold the button for too long, we just need your wireless lights to start flashing.
  4. Proceed to your wireless router or your Wi-Fi modem.
  5. Look for the WPS button on your router or modem. This will look like the icon at the end of this step-by-step guide.
  6. Press and hold the WPS button for at least 3 seconds to connect your printer to your wireless network.
  7. The WPS light on your router will start blinking.
  8. Give it at least two minutes and check the wireless light on your printer. It should be a steady blue light. The light on your router’s WPS should also stop blinking.
  9. Verify if the printer is connected by printing a document from your computer wirelessly.
WPS Button Icon
WPS Button Icon

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How To Use WPS PIN Code To Connect To Wireless Network?

For those with HP printers that have large display screens with all your printer settings on them, this step-by-step guide will allow you to connect your wireless HP printer to your office or home network.

Time It Takes To Setup Printer Using WPS PIN: 10 minutes

  1. Turn your printer on

    hp officejet WPS PIN setup

    Check if your printer is working properly. There should not be any error messages showing on your HP printer’s display screen.

  2. Use your HP printer control panel and go to wireless settings.

    setting icon

    Some HP printers have a wireless icon on their home display screens. You can click that to go to your wireless settings. Another way to do that is to click on the gear icon or setting icons and choose the option “Wireless Settings” when you see it on the menu.

  3. Choose Wi-Fi Protected Setup

    Once you’re in your HP printer’s wireless settings menu, you will see a handful of options about your printer’s wireless setup. You must select Wi-Fi Protected Setup and click on WPS PIN.

  4. Get the WPS PIN Code

    You shall now see the WPS PIN combination that you need to input on your computer.

  5. Enter the WPS PIN on the computer

    enter wps pin for your printer

    Input the code you saw on your HP printer and wait for the connection to be successful.

  6. Print a document

    Test the WPS connection by printing any type of document.

How To Connect HP Printer With WPS Button?

Another way you can connect your HP Envy or HP Officejet using the WPS button is by following these steps.

  1. Turn on your HP printer. Check if there’s any error message like Printer Offline or Ink System Failure.
  2. Go to the wireless settings. Either by clicking on the wireless icon or the settings icon.
  3. Locate Wi-Fi Protected Setup on the wireless settings menu.
  4. Instead of choosing the PIN option, select PUSH. This will make your wireless light start blinking.
  5. Go to your wireless router and find the WPS button.
  6. Press the WPS button for at least three seconds. Check if the WPS light will also start blinking.
  7. Wait for the lights to become steady for both your Wi-Fi router and HP wireless printer. Once this happens, your printer is now online and it is connected to your wireless network via WPS.

Frequently Asked Question About HP Printer WPS Setup

Where do I find the WPS PIN on my HP printer?

The WPS PIN is located in the wireless settings of your HP printer. By selecting Wi-Fi Protected Setup, you will be able to reveal the PIN code that you can use to connect your printer to your Wi-Fi.

How many digits is the WPS PIN code?

For HP printers, it is an 8 digit code. Other printer manufacturers like Epson, Brother, and Canon also use an 8 digit PIN for their WPS printer setup.

How do I connect my wireless printer without WPS?

WPS is not the only way you can connect your wireless printer to your Wi-Fi. You can set up your connection using your Wi-Fi password on your printer’s control panel. You can also connect your printer using a USB cable first and then set up your wireless connection using your computer.

Do all Wi-Fi routers have WPS?

Yes, all routers have their own WPS button on them. Since this technology was developed in 2006, all wireless routers nowadays have this feature.

Is WPS safe and secure?

Yes, it is safe and secure for you to use. Whether you’re connecting your printer to your wireless network or utilizing the WPS feature on your mobile device, WPS won’t compromise the security of your network or devices.

9 thoughts on “Where Is The WPS PIN On My HP Printer And How To Use It?”

  1. I was able to find the WPS on my printer and set up the wireless connection on my HP printer but the connection keeps on getting disconnected, can you help me with this issue?

    My printer is an HP Officejet Pro 8710, I got it in 2019.

    1. Hey Chris,

      If the connection is getting disconnected, you should check out our printer offline guide. If our solutions don’t work, you may have to contact your internet service provider (ISP) and have them check your lines. Just let us know if you have any other issues with your HP printer.

  2. Hi, Josh,
    I have HP OfficeJet Pro 9015. I get the must be enrolled screen, then align printheads, then printing alignment page which stays hung up there
    Once upon a time I got the message: A component of the driver package in the DIFx driver store is locked by a thread or process.
    I’ve gone through all the suggested fixes. I never get the control panel on the printer and it cannot connect to WiFi.
    Any suggestions?

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  4. Did not know there was a shortcut to fixing my printer’s internet connection. Thanks to your guide, I’ve just found the WPS button on my HP printer today. And I had this wireless printer for over a year now.

  5. I am pretty sure I found the WPS printer on my HP printer before, but thanks to this guide I got a refresher. Hehehe God I hate my internet provider for this. It seems they are the reason why my HP printer keeps on going offline.

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