Printer Cleaning Sheets 101: Everything You Need To Know

Printer cleaning sheets are essential in prolonging your printer’s lifespan.

Have you ever wondered how some people get to use their printer for five or more years without any trouble?

It might be because they’ve found out how to properly maintain their printers by using the right products and tools.

Printer maintenance is not rocket science. You can keep your printer in good condition by doing regular cleaning inside and outside your printer.

You can clean the inside of your printer by doing a scheduled printhead cleaning or using printer cleaning sheets.

You can properly maintain the outside of your printer by ensuring it is on a level, clean, and dry surface. Using a printer cover helps too in keeping debris and dust out of your machine.

For now, we will be focusing on how you can use printer cleaning sheets to keep your printer in good running condition.

What Are Printer Cleaning Sheets?

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Printer cleaning sheets are a special type of paper that you can use to clean the debris caught inside your printer.

Not every one of us can clean a printer manually by opening it up and wiping its parts with a clean towel. It’s also not a practical thing to do as it may void your printer’s warranty.

So to clean the inside of your printer, you can use printer cleaning sheets since it is sticky enough to collect the debris and dirt in your machine.

Why You Need To Start Using Cleaning Sheets On Printers

Cleaning sheets are an inexpensive cleaning solution to maintain your printer properly. Here are some of the good reasons why you should use one.

Ease of use

Using cleaning sheets is pretty straightforward. You just have to put it in your paper tray and run your printer so the cleaning sheet will go in your printer. You don’t have to be technical in using these to maintain your printer.


Printer cleaning sheets as mentioned earlier are inexpensive, this is because they are reusable. Some packages already include 20 or more cleaning sheets that can be used at least 10 times. That’ll give you at least 200 times you can clean your printer thoroughly by just buying one set of printer cleaning sheets.

Works 99% of the time

Since cleaning sheets were invented, they’ve been keeping thousands of printers clean from dirt and debris. Issues in using printer cleaning sheets are pretty minimal so you won’t hear anyone having problems using it with their printers. This is assuming they are using the right type of cleaning sheet for their specific printer model.

Take note of the different printer cleaning sheet types, some are only for inkjet printers while some can only be used on laserjet printer models.

Types Of Printer Cleaning Sheets

There are only two types of printer cleaning sheets and they are classified based on which type of printer they are meant to be used.

Inkjet Printer Cleaning Sheets

Inkjet printer cleaning sheets are made for those printers that use water-based ink cartridges.

If you own an HP printer these are your Officejets, Deskjets, and Envys. For Canon printer, these are your Maxifys and Pixmas. For Epson printers, these are your Workforce and EcoTank printers. Now for Brother printers, often these are your MFC and WorkSmart printers.

Laserjet Printer Cleaning Sheets

Laserjet cleaning sheets are for those printers that use toner cartridges. Laser toners, as they’re often called, are made of fine powder.

Laserjet printers are often more expensive than inkjet printers, so it’s practical to ensure that your investment lasts long by utilizing cleaning sheets.

Our Expert Guide To Printer Cleaning Sheets

If you have an inkjet printer, we highly recommend using the inkjet cleaning sheets made by Office Depot. It can clean any type of printer and can be even used to clean your fax machine or scanner if you have those too.

Most of the customers who bought these were satisfied when they used them on their inkjet printers. However, since this product also indicates it can be used in laserjet printers, some used it on their laserjet but did not get the result they were looking for.

For this reason, we are only recommending these cleaning sheets to inkjet printer owners.

Best Laserjet Printer Cleaning Sheets

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For laserjet printer owners, we suggest using the laserjet printer cleaning sheets made by Digital NC. It contains 10 sheets that can be used up to 5 times each. That’s almost 50 times you can clean your printer. For its current price that’s about 28 cents for each use of these printer cleaning sheets.

It’s designed to eliminate debris and dust in your printer to prevent paper jams and feed issues.

Customers who used this in their laserjet printers gave good feedback on how these cleaning sheets helped them fix their printer issues without needing to contact their manufacturer’s support team.

It’s also very easy to use since the instructions are printed on the packaging and the paper sheet.

Basic Tips in Using Cleaning Sheets

Even though cleaning sheets are very easy to use, here are some tips to ensure you’re using your printer cleaning sheets the right way.

  • Use only the right type of cleaning sheet for your printer type or model
  • Never overuse your printer cleaning sheet, follow what is indicated on its packaging. Overusing your sheets may cause printer problems.
  • Follow a printer maintenance schedule.
  • For inkjet printers, you must do printhead cleaning since water-based inks are prone to drying. Cleaning your printhead allows stuck debris and air to be flushed out of your ink system. It’s best practice to do this before using your inkjet cleaning sheet.

Frequently Asked Questions About Printer Cleaning Sheets

When to use printer cleaning sheets?

You should use a printer cleaning sheet every time you change your ink cartridges or laser toners. It’s also recommended to use them whenever you have an issue with your print quality or a paper jammed inside your printer.

Where to buy printer cleaning sheets?

Printer cleaning sheets are available in your local stores and on Amazon. We prefer getting it from Amazon along with our other printing supplies since I don’t have to drive to my local store to pick those things up.

Most of the items on Amazon are more affordable compared to those in my local store anyway, so it’s a good way to save money on my printing needs.

Why is there dust on my printer?

Dust can accumulate inside your printer rollers if you don’t use them often and if you don’t cover them up with a printer cover. Having a dirty printer roller can cause your printer to be unable to pick up your paper. A good way to clean your laserjet printer rollers is by using Digital NC’s cleaning sheets that will remove debris stuck on your printer rollers.

How to keep the printhead clean and free from dust?

Your printer’s printhead is the most expensive, most important, and most sensitive part of your printer. It can be easily damaged by small debris or dust accumulation inside your printer. The best way to keep it clean is by using printer cleaning sheets made specifically for your printer type.

At the end of the day, the printer cleaning sheets are a great way to keep your printer well-maintained. It easily prevents dust and debris from accumulating inside your printer, and they are a pretty affordable cleaning solution.

If you’re experiencing any issue feeding paper to your printer or your printer is not printing black ink or your documents are not showing any colored ink, using a printer cleaning sheet might do the trick.

Just keep in mind that printer cleaning sheets were not made to make your printer immortal. Sometimes your printer issues are not because of any dirt or debris, but with a certain part of your printer.

Your printer’s rollers can misalign or lose grip. The printhead can clog due to other reasons. The printer system may malfunction over a series of usage.

And if those happen, then using a cleaning sheet won’t fix your problem. You may either have to replace that part or get a new printer to print your documents on.

But to lessen your worry, we highly recommend using printer cleaning sheets from time to time.

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