Hp Printer Could Not Connect To Web Services [Solution]

If you’re an HP Instant Ink subscriber and own an HP printer model, you might have encountered this error message, “The printer could not connect to web services“. Another variation of this error is Web Services Problem. Problem connecting to Web Services server.”. What does this mean and how can you fix it so you can start printing again from your wireless printer?

In this post, we will outline the steps you need to fix this HP printer-exclusive problem. Ready? Let’s get started.

How to fix your Printer that Could Not Connect To Web Services

When the printer could not connect to web services appear on your HP printer, the first thing that comes to most printer owners is their printer’s wireless connection. This is right since the web services of your HP printer are connected to your wireless connection and your HP Instant Ink account.

The printer could not connect to web services error can often be fixed by

  1. Simply restarting your printer and computer.
  2. Check to make sure that the cables are secure and properly plugged in,
  3. Make sure wireless connection icon light on your printer is not blinking or turned off.

Once you have checked those things, try to print again. If the problem persists, there are a few other potential solutions.

Other Checks you can do

Here are some other checks you can try if the above solution doesn’t work for you.

Check your printer’s connectivity.

Make sure that your printer is connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable. Check if you have a steady/solid blue light on your printer’s wireless icon light, this means you are connected to your wireless network. If you see that your printer is offline, check this guide here.
Try resetting your router and/or modem.
If you’ve checked the wireless settings of your printer and everything points to that you are connected, it’s recommended to restart your wireless network at home or in your office to refresh the connection between your devices.


Update HP printer’s firmware

Check if there are any updates available for your printer’s firmware and install them if necessary. You can try and do this on your printer’s display screen or the printer software installed on your computer/laptop.


Check your HP Instant Ink account

Sign in to your HP Instant Ink account and make sure that your account is still online and active. Settle any remaining balances so you avoid getting your account suspended.


Reset your printer’s wireless settings

On your printer’s display screen, you should be able to find an option to reset your wireless settings. Do this and reconnect your printer to your wireless network. Once connected, try to print a document from your computer, laptop, or mobile phone.


Turn on Web Services from the Embedded Web Server

Warning: This step may be too advanced for some printer owners, we advise contacting the HP Technical Support team to assist you on this.

The Embedded Web Server is accessible through the HP Smart app or by connecting to your printer homepage on your computer. You need to retrieve your printer’s IP address on your printer display screen (e.g. 192.168.0.x).

Type the IP address of your printer on your computer, it should open up your printer’s homepage. Go to the Web Services tab on the primary menu of that page, click continue afterward, and enable Web Services.


What if you are not an HP Instant Ink Subscriber But you Still See Printer Could Not Connect To Web Services Error message?

Some HP printer owners who are not HP Instant Ink subscribers may still encounter this issue, and the best thing to fix this is to contact HP Support and have them check if your current HP printer had an active Instant Ink subscription before. They may have to reset that themselves on their server so your printer won’t be connected to any HP Instant Ink account.

By not being enrolled in this ink refill program, you can avoid seeing the error message, The Printer Could Not Connect To Web Services. Make sure you only use regular HP genuine inks that don’t have Instant Ink marks on them. Using HP Instant Ink cartridges on printers not enrolled in this program can result in a variety of errors from ink cartridge problems to seeing a web services error on your printer screen.

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