What is the Windows Printer Spooler Service?

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The print spooler service is a component of the Windows operating system that manages print jobs sent to a printer or print server.

When you print a document, the print spooler service stores the document in a temporary location on your computer or on a print server, and then sends it to the printer when it’s ready.

printer queue

The print spooler service helps to prevent printing errors by allowing multiple print jobs to be queued and processed in order.

It also provides a central location for managing print jobs, which can be useful in a networked environment where multiple users share a printer.

If the print spooler service is not running or is not functioning correctly, print jobs may fail to print or get stuck in the queue.

In such cases, restarting the print spooler service or clearing the print spooler cache can help to resolve the issue.

Also, by restarting the spooler is a quick hack to fix the 0x00000bc4 Error.

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