How to Print With Only Black Ink in Canon Printer – 2023

Whenever your Canon printer is out of colored ink then, you may start to wonder whether you can continue using it for printing the documents or not. So, what is the better news here, that knowing how to print with only black ink in Canon printer is the right option? Here we have detailed the steps to help you understand all about printing using only the black ink with your Canon printers.

Whenever you print using only black ink, your printer will start using a procedure known as black ink only. The process uses the black ink cartridge to print the documents, and the cartridge will start to print the documents using the printing mode for only black ink. The mode is mainly designed for using fewer amounts of ink compared to the general mode of printing. The same functionallity is found also on Brother Printers.

Can you print with only black ink cartridge Canon (Windows)?

Step 1.

Press onto the CTRL+P to pull up the pop-up for the print option from whichever application you are using.

Step 2.

There are several buttons and even links on which you can click. You may even locate the Printer Properties, head out to the Advanced Settings, and then to the More Settings. Click on any such buttons or the links for selecting the other step.

Step 3.

If you land on More Settings, if you earlier clicked on it, then press on Print using the dialog box of the system and hit the next window.

Step 4.

After you have landed on this pop-up, select the preference button.

Step 5.

From here, you need to click on the button for Advanced options.

Step 6.

From there, choose the Grayscale option from the dropdown menu list of the color printing mode if you wish to use the ink saving mode, or you can try using the monochrome if you have ink left in your black cartridge and love printing in darker than the grayscale.

How to Print With Only Black Ink in Canon
How to Print With Only Black Ink in Canon Printer

Step 7.

In the identical window, check the output quality and pick the normal option. You can start drafting if you wish to save on the ink.

Is it possible to Print with Only Black Ink (Mac)

  • Pick out your printer’s menu and hit the Command button and P from your keyboard.
  • Select your printer
  • Pick the show details menu for changing the printer’s settings to the B&W and start to print.

Can I opt for settings with Color Only?

Not each printer model consists of the option in the menu for the settings; however, it is worth checking it out. If your black ink cartridge is empty and you only wish to start printing with the color cartridges, check whether the print setting has an option for the color-only mode.

Why should you not continue printing with an empty cartridge?

Long-term printing with an emptied cartridge can result in major issues that could be quite expensive. The risks of an overheated printhead, a congested printhead, and poor print quality exist whether your printer utilizes one (1) tricolor cartridge (3) tri-color ink cartridges (cyan, magenta, and yellow).


Everyone is doing it, waiting to get ink replacements while some of their tanks still contain ink.

As long as you could be aware of the implications of printing with blanks for such a prolonged period, it is a relatively innocuous practice.

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