How to print on brother printer with only black ink in 2023

How to print on brother printer with only black ink

The Brother Printer is quite famous for having an issue with its black cartridge that fails to print.

It has been a common problem with these printers since we ever keep it in mind. None, including the Brother printer, appears to understand the real issue and is commonly the continued curse to the Brother printer for several years. In our post today, we wish to start initially being the primary reasons for the issues, followed by the real solutions on How to print on brother printer with only black ink.

The following are the steps you should follow:

Printing in Grayscale

– These Brother printers have more consistency in coloring if you wish to print the documents only in black ink easily.

Step 1:

Open up the dialog box of your Brother Printer and then select the printing option for two sides.

How to print on brother printer with only black ink

Step 2:

The other step is clicking on the checkboxes and then hitting next for printing in the grayscale option. If the option to print in black is available, it is better to start tapping and proceeding to the next step.

Step 3:

There are a few software programs, such as Microsoft Powerpoint, allowing you at both the views and the print option for the documents in grayscale from the option of View present in this program.

Using the Reserve Mode:

In a few printers, you will find the reserve mode built-in printing only using the black ink if other ink cartridges are emptying and do not function properly. You can start forcing your printer into reserve mode by removing the ink cartridges.

Printing using the Draft Mode

You can start conserving the ink by picking the option of “Draft” from the printer’s dialog box. The draft mode typically starts to print with the color or black inks; however, they prints are the lowest resolutions.

Step 1:Initially, start verifying that your unit has a message on the touchscreen showing the B&W print with the only Replacement Ink, even the B&W single-sided print through the replacement ink. Then, start proceeding to the other step.

Step 2:Whenever the color ink cartridges are not filled, the screen displays the cannot print option. To access the black and white mode, simply press the cancel button. If a similar message gets displayed, then it is time then replacing the ink cartridges is the ideal option.

Step 3:If the touchscreen displays the cannot print message, then the brother prints stop printing each function.

Step 4:In the other step, changing the printer’s driver to the grayscale is the best option.

Step 5:Open up the preferences for the printing option and start clicking on the basic tabs and pick the option for the plain paper. While confirming, you have the box unchecked for the slow-drying paper.

Step 6:Select the Advanced tab and click on the radio button next to the grayscale.

Step 7:Click on the Apply button.

Step 8:If you find that there are existing print jobs, then delete the print queue. Press the cancel button to cancel each job listed in the queue.


A CISS is fitted at the top of the Brother Printers, which are at greater risk of clogging the print heads. It is mainly due to varied factors that include that the tank is not getting mixed up, often leading to deposition of sediments gathering around the bottom of these tanks if not used correctly. Such are the factors causing the black ink and the colors to fail at printing.

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