How To Print From Iphone To HP Printer


A Complete Guide On How To Print From Iphone To Hp Printer

In our post today, users can easily go through the varied processes and modes available for setting up their HP printers to their iPhones. We have performed extensive research to answer one of the rising queries and searches made by the users: “how to print from iPhone to Hp printer?”

These days, several individuals prefer printing methods from their smart devices like iPhones or iPads connected with hp printers.

Users can now easily print their documents and photos, securely and safely from the comfort of their homes, offices, or even on move.

The printer is considered the perfect machine that any individual can have in their homes and offices. Various HP printers available in the market today allow you access to get the prints done.

You simply have to connect with the device and offer the command to print. If you are accessing your iPhone, you can start printing the document you desire. You may even think about how to start printing from your iPhone to your HP Printer, which is a seamless and effective method.

We have shared a few steps today to help you start printing your documents and images directly from your iPhone to the printer. Let us check them out!

Setting up HP Printer on iPhone or iPad.

how to print from iPhone to Hp printer

Individuals can check out the varied ways that are included in setting up HP printers for smart devices, including iPhones, iPads, and iPods. These days, individuals prefer this printing mode through their iPhones and other methods.

It aids the users in printing all types of documents and photos securely and safely from anywhere at any time. Two varied methods are there in setting up the hp Printer for iPhone, and we will share both modes of connection thoroughly.

The Airprint Method to set up HP Printer on iPhone or iPad

Setting up HP Airprint is considered one of the default modes for printing photos and documents using HP printers, and it is the method that Apple developed for smart devices or phones.

So, can you print from iPhone to a hp printer? Here we will share the steps involved in setting up an HP printer on iPhone.

How to set up the Network Connection

The following are the steps we have mentioned to connect your HP printer and the iPhone or any other Apple devices using the method of AirPrint:

  • Go to the setting of your iPhone and on the “Wifi” check where there is the tick mark against the place where the wifi network is mentioned. If not, then turn it on.
Connect to wifi network
  • If you get connected to some unknown network, unclick or cancel the option and select the wireless network set up with your username.
  • Connect your HP printer to your network through wifi. If you have a printer with a touch screen, check your printer’s network connection status with the control panel that opens the network settings or the control panel touching the wireless icons.
Join Network
  • As you are setting up your hp printer on the apple device, the HP printers that do not have the control panel, click on the button of the wireless network and the button for information together at the same time or press the wireless touch, and starts copying the black buttons all at the same time. The wireless test reports will get printed to understand the status.
Wifi button
  • The following needs to get done based on the status of this connection based on connection of the printers. If it gets connected to the network, you should follow every step in connecting it through the device.
  • If you have not yet set the connection, our steps will help you set it up.
  • Initially, you need to connect your printer to the network using the help of the control panel, which is a touch screen. You can get it done by opening up the setup, wireless menu, or network and selecting the wireless setup wizard.
Printer touchscreen
  • The light on the printer stops glowing when the connection is established. Once the connection between your wireless network and your printer is established, the light stops glowing on your printer.

I hope this clarifies your question on how to print from my iPhone to my hp wireless printer.

HP Printer Setup on iPhone

Smart Ink and HP Smart app

Once you are done establishing the connection between the HP printer and the iPhone or an Apple device, you can start taking the prints of your photos and documents in the printer just by following the steps we have mentioned here:

  • If you are planning on printing the photos and documents, ensure you have turned on your hp printer, the ink cartridges are not empty and plain paper is always loaded on the printer.
  • Open the document or the image you want to print and select the icon for sharing.
  • After that, select the print icon or the print present on the screen to open up the option for a hp printer.
  • Select the printer by clicking on the option for select printer present on the screen.
  • After your printer is selected, ensure to change the settings on the print screen as it varies extremely based on the devices.
  • Now it comes to the sizing of the paper, as it needs to be similar to the document you are planning on printing. The paper’s size gets automatically detected through an AirPrint loaded on the tray.
  • While planning for the number of copies you want, ensure you know how many prints you need and do not waste paper.
  • In the black and white printing option, you can opt for the grayscale as it is the option only available on color printers.
  • You can select this option whenever you need to get the print taken on both sides of this page. And it is mainly for the double sides.
  • Now it comes to the page ranges as you need to select the number of pages you plan to print on the document or the entire web page.

These are a few of the essential steps everyone should follow to set up their hp printer on their iPhone or other smart devices, including iPads or tablets.

Setting up HP Printer using HP Smart App:

Coming to the topic of setting up an HP printer with the use of the HP Smart app, there is a chain of steps that are involved in the topic explaining in detail how to set up your hp printer on your iPhone using the smart app by HP.

Download HP Smart from App Store

How to Install HP Smart App?

Before the initiation of the printing process, it is time to download the HP Smart app on Apple devices 10 or later versions and even on your android devices 5.0 or later.

Follow the steps we have mentioned here to help you install this app.

  • Open a browser on your iPhone and visit the site ‘’. You can also download the app from the App Store and follow the instructions for installing the HP Smart App.
Accept Terms
  • After the app is installed, open it on your device. The welcome screen will pop up, and you need to pick the option on the checkbox and click “Accept.”
Allow notifications
  • Now you will get the option of whether or not to allow notifications from the HP Smart app. Click on “Allow.”
Click “print Anywhere” in settings
  • Your HP Printer and your iPhone are connected to the local network, and HP Smart App can automatically detect that both devices are connected. You will come across the instructions on the screen if the app detects that your printer is connected automatically, so follow the instructions to complete the installation process. Then you need not have to follow the steps we have mentioned earlier.
  • Good Job, you have successfully installed your printer!
  • Now, it comes to the step where you must ensure that your printer is established in the setup mode. For the initial time, you need to turn on your printer while its setup mode gets automatically activated. But, if the printer is turned on for more than a couple of hours, then you need to get it to reset manually to the HP printer network settings.

How to manage the settings of your printer?

It is the set that involves you in setting up the setting, status, and supplies of your printer after you have selected the documents you require to print or even scan using your iPhone.

  • For changing the status and the settings of the prints, you can get the option from the home screen itself.
  • Select your HP Printer for changing the printer’s settings, and check the printer’s information, reports, and other information regarding the details involved in the printing.
  • Click on the icon for notifications to check out the error messages and offers you can opt for from the smart app you installed by printing the documents.
  • In the other step, you have to click on the instant ink tile of HP for ordering the supplies and proper management of your instant ink account for HP.

Lastly, to end it all, the steps we stated should get followed by all if you want to know how to print from iPhone to hp printer using HP Smart App or wireless network.

But, if you can’t print from iPhone to a hp printer, you need not get scared, as diagnostic tools can help you resolve these issues.

Frequently Asked Questions on how to print from iPhone to hp printer

1. Is it possible to connect by iPhone or Apple devices to my HP Printer?

Go to Settings on your iOS device, find the Bluetooth setup, and switch it on. Connect the iPhone to the exact network toward which you would like to link the printer if it isn’t already connected. Browse to and click Have the App but then follow the on-screen commands to set up HP Smart.

2. Is it possible to use an iPhone with an HP printer?

It makes no difference if you own an iPhone 7 or less, a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge, or another Android phone. Yes, this will work if your device can install apps.

3. Why is it that my iPhone is unable to connect to my HP wireless printer?

Ascertain that your printer and your Apple device are attached to the identical wifi network. Inspect that wifi does turn on and that the name of your nearby wifi network has a checkbox next to it on your Apple device. If you are attached to a different network, click the network name of the one you want to enlist to join it.

4. Why is my HP Printer not printing from my iPhone?

The main reason and solution for this issue are to update your printer’s firmware. For more details, you can check out the option for upgrading the printer firmware or updating it. If you use the Smart App from HP for printing, try uninstalling and adding the printer again; you may find it helpful.

Hope our tutorial helped you on how to print from iPhone to Hp printer and started printing from your iPhone using your HP Printer!

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